What You’ll Get When You Preorder “The Price You Pay for College”

Thanks so much for preordering “The Price You Pay for College.” It’s a huge help when people buy in advance, since it helps persuade bookstores to increase their orders ahead of publication. And that helps keep the book in stock when publicity happens around the publication date.

Want a signed copy? I’ll be signing them at my local independent bookstore and shipping from there. Here’s a link. You can also purchase it via any of the retailers below.

When you preorder, you’ll automatically get my annotated guide to the best college guides I’ve ever read.

I’ve read a lot of them over the past several years, and my guide will help you figure out what books to read next.

And there’s more:

— The first 200 people who send me an email after preordering will get access to any of five ask-me-anything Zoom calls I’ll be doing in March and April. We’ll hop on a call in the early evening, and you can ask me whatever you want about what you’ve read or what’s on your mind.

— I’ll do a random drawing on 2/1 and pick two names. If I choose yours, I’ll come to your town (at my expense, anywhere in the United States, including Hawaii — especially Hawaii) once we all have our jabs. Then, I’ll give a talk at your school, or to your book group, or take your teenager out for pizza and a heart-to-heart. Or cook you dinner and talk about colleges and money and value and values, as you wish. Or we can do a Zoom event or family call sooner if your questions or those of your community are ones that you hope to answer in the earlier part of 2021. 

— I’ll do another random drawing on 2/1 and send the person whose name I select a copy of every book in my guide to the college guides. Then, I’ll do five more and let those five people pick any five books and send those along. 

— If yours is the 300th, 400th, 500th or any-hundredth-higher email I receive, I’ll drop you a note and send 5 copies of the book to any nonprofit in your community that you think could use it. Or if you want to send copies to guidance counselors at local public schools or put them in school libraries, we can do that too. No limit here; if there’s 2,000 preorders, I’ll do this 18 times.

So, how does this all work?

It’s simple. If you order before January 26 from any retailer at all — or if you have already ordered a copy — please forward a copy of the receipt (or just a note saying what bookstore you ordered from, if you ordered via phone or email for in-person pickup at your own local indie for instance) to college@ronlieber.com. Ebook preorders count too, as does audio — I recorded that one myself. When you do that, you’ll get an auto-reply with a link to download the guide to the guides. Then, I’ll keep the email you sent so that you’re eligible for the other things. There’s no need to follow up once you’ve sent that one email.

Thank you so much for your interest in my work. I look forward to chatting with at least 200 of you in the coming months!

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