Invite Ron to Speak in Your Community

Ron speaks frequently to audiences of parents, kids, educators and others and has appeared at schools, regional speakers series, community foundation donor events, fundraisers and in a variety of other settings. Please write to to inquire about a booking.

“Ron Lieber struck the perfect notes in his presentation to the parents and faculty at Phillips Academy, Andover. Ron’s message is timely and important for all of us who are involved in raising and educating the next generation. Ron’s manner is practical, serious, relevant, and inviting — all while providing useful and credible information that parents and teachers can immediately put to use. I highly recommend bringing him to your campus or community.”

-John Palfrey, Head of School, Phillips Academy, Andover

“Ron’s presentation was fantastic!  He was entertaining, engaging and funny. His topic was how to teach kids about money which is clearly something parents are thinking about because he drew the largest audience our speaker series has ever had. His advice is applicable to parents with children of all ages and he does a very nice job of not making parents feel badly about how they are currently handling the topic of money with their kids.”

-Alison Thompson, Speak SF series, San Francisco

“Ron Lieber spoke to a standing-only crowd at our school this week. We are still hearing from parents who have been raving about the presentation. Ron’s blend of humor, candor, and knowledge made him the ideal speaker for our parent body. He lifts the veil right off a “taboo” topic—talking about money to our kids. After hearing his talk, I rushed right out to buy his new book “The Opposite of Spoiled.” I even bought an extra copy for my ex-husband.

Abby Rothschild, Dalton School, New York City

Ron’s presentation powerfully engaged our parent body.  Many reported that his insights and ideas were immediately helpful — and that they would be put to use as soon as they got home. Several parents said that they’ve never had a space to talk about how to handle money with their kids. They were thrilled to benefit from Ron’s experience and expertise.

-Russ Shaw, Head of School, Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC

“We were thrilled to have Ron Lieber as our guest as we launched a new initiative around family philanthropy. Ron is a charismatic speaker and incredibly personable. He was equally effective in front of an audience of over 100 people as he was engaging to a small group of 10. His talk is informative, thoughtful, and fun. It is also clear that Ron is a journalist. He had done his homework on our city – knew all the local landmarks and food spots to reference, as well as the general economics. His presentation felt like it was just for us. His talk has already generated new business for us. The feedback from our guests has all been raves and we are still riding high a week later. 

-Robyn Schein – Minneapolis Foundation

Ron and I had planned on dining afterwards at a local favorite restaurant – we decided to invite the whole audience to join us, and nearly 20 showed up late that night to continue the conversation. Ron was incredibly generous with all at the table, a kind, curious presence that put everyone at ease. Ron is the total package, and he has earned this high recommendation.”

-Lonnie Stonitsch, Executive Director, Family Action Network Speaker Series, Evanston, IL

I don’t quite know what we were expecting, but since our expectations had been dulled somewhat by a steady diet of fairly predictable “experts,” we weren’t anticipating the funny, wry, provocative and surprisingly useful advice you provided. It could easily have gone the other way; the subject of money and values had drawn an unusually large and unusually male crowd, made up of people not afraid to vote with their feet. But they stayed in place, enthralled. And one of our most skeptical mothers came up to us and said that yours was the single best talk she’d ever been to at Heschel.

-Judith Shulevitz, Heschel School, New York City

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