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What’s the best way to teach kids about money?

“Finally, an honest, modern, comprehensive and nuanced book about kids and money. I ran out of Post-its marking pages containing pearls of useful advice.”

— Wendy Mogel, author of THE BLESSING OF A SKINNED KNEE

Children are hyper-aware of money. They have scores of questions about its nuances that we often don’t answer or answer well. But good parenting means talking about money with our kids much more often. When we avoid it, we lose a tremendous opportunity—not just to model important financial behaviors but also to imprint lessons about what we care about most.

I designed my new book, THE OPPOSITE OF SPOILED, to be a practical guidebook for parents who want to use conversations about money to imprint good values. I cover all the basics that people have been asking me about for years: the best ways to handle the tooth fairy, allowance, chores, charity, saving, birthdays, holidays, cell phones, checking accounts, clothing, cars, part-time jobs and college. But I’ve also identified a set of virtues and character traits like modesty, patience, generosity and perspective, that all parents hope that their kids will carry with them out into the world.

The world is changing, fast. Our kids need to be ready to take on all of the financial responsibility that the world heaps upon them, from the run-up to the six-figure decision about where to go to college to the crucial choices they must make in their 20s about retirement savings and health insurance. THE OPPOSITE OF SPOILED will help you prepare them. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you.

“Ron Lieber brings his trademark combination of brainpower and empathy to one of the trickiest issues parents face.  THE OPPOSITE OF SPOILED is a thoughtful, and often inspiring, book that also delivers dozens of smart, practical tips for turning conversations about money into lessons about living. If you’ve got kids, want kids — or heck, have been a kid — read this book.”

— Daniel H. Pink, author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN

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